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SJ.Consulting is the perfect choice if you want to expand the range of your business and offer your products on the Italian market. 

We provide Temporary Export Management services aimed at the internationalization of Polish

small and medium-sized companies in Italy, as well as translation services.


Thanks to the cooperation with our highly qualified specialists in the field of internationalization of companies, i.e. TEM (Temporary Export Manager)

you can increase revenues and expand the reach of your company.

Their activities will significantly strengthen and develop the export department of your company.


Every company that starts the internationalization process in a more or less structural form, must take into account many new aspects,

not only technical, but also cultural, organizational and financial.

Internationalization should not be seen as an "escape" tactic from a problematic situation in the internal market or from a difficult sectoral situation,

because competing in international markets involves greater difficulties and risks than competing in the internal market.

Internationalization is a medium to long term development strategy.


TEM's mission is to choose, together with your company's management, the most effective strategy, thus identifying the main development opportunities for your company. Temporary Export Manager is able to formulate appropriate courses of action

and their implementation based on in-depth knowledge of the market, sector analysis, and statistical data,

and coordinate all commercial activities in order to establish long-term relationships in international cooperation.


The support of a professional in export sales and establishing trade relations abroad is of fundamental importance

to increase the company's turnover in international markets.

By becoming part of international competition, be alone is not enough.


If you do not have high-level specialized knowledge and trading skills, problems and difficulties,

you will encounter in international markets may prove insurmountable.

It is better to rely on professionals for whom this type of challenge is an everyday reality.

Are you looking for a professional who will guide you in the internationalization

of your company do you need a service or product, or maybe a translator? 

We are here to help !!!

John Ruskin, an English economist, wrote:

"...There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot produce in a slightly lower quality and sell it cheaper;

but those who take into account only the price become the prey of that man. 

All quality jobs must: be priced in proportion to the skill, time, cost and risk inherent in their preparation.

Beautiful things are not obtained through compromises or modifications and cannot be produced with little expense. 

Whatever the process used for their manufacture, they yield to the maker much less than the so-called cheap ones..."


SJ.Consulting meets the needs of customers from various market sectors.

Companies wishing to export their products to the Italian market often having a difficulties due to a lack of knowledge of the local market,

local regulations and customs, and the language.


Our task is to offer clients the best possible quality of services, and up-to-date market information that will assist you in assessing risks and opportunities;

providing services related to the development of exports,

and any activities aimed at establishing long-term business relationships.







Temporary Export Management










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